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If you experienced severe burns in an accident, an Allentown burn injury lawyer at Knafo Law Offices may be able to help you. We represent those who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of negligence, carelessness, and wrongdoing. This includes burn injuries caused by occupational exposure to toxins, contact with electricity, auto accidents, defective products, and more. In these cases, we fight to protect our clients’ rights to compensation so they can get the support they need to rebuild their lives.

After suffering a serious burn injury, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Treatment may be expensive, painful, and ongoing. You may face emotional trauma associated with living with permanent scars or disfigurement. We want to help you recover the money you need for medical care and much more, so you can face a better future.

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Types and Causes of Burn Injuries

Because burns have various causes and may range in severity, it is important to identify the specific cause and therefore who is liable. It can be helpful to understand the different types and common causes of burns.

There are three primary categories of burns:

  • First Degree Burns: affecting only the outer layer of the skin. A slight sunburn is an example of this type of burn injury.
  • Second Degree Burns: affecting the outer layer of the skin and the layer underneath. Contact with a hot pan in the kitchen may cause this type of burn.
  • Third Degree Burns: affecting the deepest layer of skin and the tissues underneath. This is the most severe type of burn injury and may even result in nerve damage, muscle damage, and other significant harm. Contact with fire or electricity may cause third degree burns.

Exposure to the following may cause burns:

  • Sunlight
  • Radiation
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Chemicals
  • Fire
  • Hot liquids
  • Steam

Ready to learn more? Call an Allentown burn injury attorney at Knafo Law Offices.

  • Wrongful Death $15.2 Million

    Wrongful death case ended in a verdict of over $15 million dollars.

  • Car Accident $8.2 Million

    Car accident verdict.

  • Motorcycle Accident $7.25 Million

    Using mediation after a motorcycle accident, $7,250,000 was awarded.

  • Medical Malpractice $4.1 Million

    Secured a settlement of over $4 million dollars after medical malpractice occurred.

  • Negligent Trucker $3 Million

    Secured a $3 million dollar settlement for client involving a negligent truck driver.


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    Pleased with the Service.

    “Jerry was the first attorney to actually listen to my story and not be concerned with how much money my case would make him.”

    - Cassandra
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    “My experience with Jerry Knafo was nothing less than exceptional. I thought I was getting a lawyer, it turned out I got a friend.”

    - Jeremy
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    - Nicole
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    “When I needed a lawyer, Knafo Law Offices was there right away. I will now have a better life since you took good care of me.”

    - Julie
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    “Any questions I had were answered within a very timely manner. I am very grateful for the service provided by Attorney Knafo and his staff.”

    - Betsy

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