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A bad back or neck injury can take you off your feet for months at least. In serious back and neck injury cases, the pain and debilitation caused can be enough to make day-to-day tasks and any amount of regular work difficult for years if not the rest of your life. When so much is on the line, you should turn to a reliable legal team to help you seek full compensation for your injuries.

Knafo Law Offices is the only name you need to know in Easton for honest, effective representation for your back and/or neck injury claim. We have more than 35 years of legal experience taking on difficult cases for people in difficult situations. We would be happy to hear from you to see if we can make your life easier through our legal counsel when going up against stubborn insurance companies.

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Capable of Handling Any Back or Neck Injury Claim

There are many different causes of back and neck injuries, but that does not mean you need to browse around personal injury law firms to find one that can handle your case depending on the specifics of your injury. Knafo Law Offices has the experience required to work on any back and/or neck injury claim, no matter what happened.

How did you suffer your back or neck injury?

  • Car accident
  • Truck accident
  • Construction site accident
  • Repetitive motion injury at work
  • Slip and fall accident

We can look into the details of your accident to determine what happened, why, and who caused it. Pinpointing liability in this way is crucial if we want to demand full compensation from the right parties. When the evidence is not strong or somewhat unclear, we can turn to accident experts to gain valuable insight that can be used to empower your claim.

Severe Consequences of Neck Injuries

While no back injury should be taken lightly, neck injuries tend to be all the more serious. What might appear to be a minimal injury to the neck can actually cause severe underlying complications. A catastrophic neck wound can be bad enough to cause full-body paralysis, too.

Neck wounds can also be more delicate to treat and heal. Patients often need to wear a neck or head brace for months while mindfully limiting their movements to avoid exacerbating the injury. The discomfort and emotional unrest caused by being in such a difficult situation and for so long can be devastating, which is important to consider when calculating damages for a neck injury client.

What Do You Need to Live Comfortably?

While we are representing a back or neck injury client, we like to think about what they need to live as comfortably as possible. Some back or neck injuries are severe enough to make total comfort an impossibility. Yet there are usually some steps to take to eliminate pain and discomfort as much as possible.

Back and neck injury pain and symptoms can be alleviated through:

  • Frequent physical therapy
  • Prescription medication
  • Specialized surgery
  • Living space adjustments

The catch is to get the compensation needed to pay for those necessary steps and care. Your healthcare insurance alone might not provide enough for you to explore all of your treatment and care methods. The best chance of getting all you deserve could be by filing a personal injury claim against the liable party or parties, such as a negligent motorist, homeowner, or medical professional.

Let Us Help So You Can Rest

A debilitating back or neck injury is not something you should ignore or irritate by doing too much at once. Unfortunately, going head-to-head with an insurance company might require you to do both of those things if you try to manage your case on your own.

Call (610) 756-1098 to connect with our Easton back and neck injury attorneys. Tell us all about what happened during an initial consultation, and we would be happy to tell you how we can help.

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